PowerLine PSS60X Squat Rack Review + Discount (Video)

Is the PowerLine PSS60X a good value?
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Reviewed by Carl N. Lee - Rating: 3.5

PowerLine-PSS60X-Squat-RackThe PowerLine PSS60X Squat Rack is an excellent addition to any home gym. It can be used for all types of bench presses such as decline presses, flat press and incline presses. It can also be used for squats, curls, lunges and so much more. The set up is easy as it gets with just four bolts and all, but you might want to make sure that you have a standard wrench and a socket wrench available to make the job as easiest as possible.

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The bar supports can be adjusted so that you can do different exercises and customize your workout. I like the fact that it can be adjusted to suit many different heights, which means that it will work for both short and tall people.

Also, you don’t fiddle with the bars as much in order to move them to different height levels. Once the bar supports are raised, you can do all sorts of squats and presses. However, I would suggest that you are facing away from the rack whenever you are mounting or dismounting the bar. This will ensure that you don’t miss any of the hooks.

All in all, the PSS60X is a very sturdy home gym and very impressive, considering that it is one of the cheapest home gyms that I found. It is sturdy and will hold a good amount of weight. However, if you don’t have a spotter, I would put the squat rack up against something so that it won’t move around as much when you rack weight on the bench press.

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