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TRX-Suspension-Trainer-Basic-Kit-2Staying healthy and fit is a part of the lifestyle I follow. It is not always being home to use my equipment or to go to the fitness centers that help me keep these commitments to myself.

There are times when I travel out of town for business or pleasure for two weeks or more that keep me busy with meetings or personal commitments that disrupt my usual physical fitness routine.

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An acquaintance of mine suggested taking a look at his TRX suspension trainer basic door anchor equipment product. At first glance, what I liked about that was that it was portable for me to take on my trips. That would mean that I could use it any time I was free and didn’t have to wait until the gym opened for me to keep my fitness program going as I have planned.

There was free shipping on the site the day I decided to purchase my own TRX suspension trainer basic anchor equipment. To me, the free shipping was an added bonus and one that saved me several dollars. I liked that!

In just two days, my fitness package was delivered and sitting at my doorstep when I came home from work. Another added feature that I liked was that it came with an accessory I knew I would use too. I could put all the contents in one little neat travel bag that fit right in my suitcase. I knew the next time that I went on a trip, my exercise time would be when I wanted to choose it to be with my own TRX suspension trainer basic anchor equipment along with me.

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