XMark XM-4434 Power Tower Review + Discount (Video)

XMark XM-4434 Power Tower a Good Value?
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Reviewed by Carl N. Lee - Rating: 3.5

XMark-XM-4434-Power-TowerI had bought the Power Tower a few weeks back and am so pleased with it that I have to give a review about it. For one thing, though heavy, the product was packed and shipped well. As I bought it through Amazon, I even had it shipped to me for free.

The unit is so simple to understand that one person can easily set it up. It has a strong metal framing fit together with good quality bolts. Though bolted and not welded together, this unit is rather strong. The plus point of it being bolted together is that the pull up bar support arms can be turned around to make the setup face one way. This way I could back the unit to a wall instead of going parallel, and thus save space.

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You can use the machine however you like; but I love using it for my shoulders, chest and abs. As its dip bars are close together, it creates a great tricep and chest workout. Its leg lift side however gives a great ab workout.

The specialty of the Power Tower is that anyone of any height can comfortably use it. Though I am 6 feet plus, and my wife 5 feet plus, we both comfortably use it. My wife especially loves using the dip bars as they are not that wide.

Overall, I am happy with the Power Tower. While some reviews show some users are not happy with the foam grips and foot pads, I am quite content with them. So if you ask me, I will definitely recommend this unit to anyone looking for a home gym set.

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